Amerigo Vespuci


This is Amerigo Vespucci an American Bald Eagle that I captured on Kodak color film in 1978. I scanned the faded 8×10 and did my best to recapture his nobility. The touching story about him is that he was being released after two months recovery from a gunshot wound. A young man shot him in the Everglades near his hammock, luckily someone found this beautiful bird and got him to a wildlife rescue team where they were to save his life and return him to full health. On the day of this photo he was being released back to his home. The handler said he did not know how Amerigo would react when placed on the ground but when gently placed on the grass Amerigo around then opened his six foot wingspan, took off and and headed straight to his hammock (home) which was about a mile away. When he got there he circled about three times and then landed high up in his tree where he proudly sat to survey his territory. This was a very touching and heartwarming event for the few of us that were able to view his release.