This is Felicia, a remarkable little girl that was abandoned in the parking lot of where I work. She showed up in early September 2017 all scraped up and looking rather thin and ratty. It did not take long before me and a lot of other people at work started feeding her and someone actually put medications on her scrapes. Not long after, hurricane Irma hit rather quickly and there was no time for a plan to protect Felicia as no one could take her at that time. Luckily the area where I work has plenty of cover and by by the grace of God when we got back six days later she was fine but hungry. For the next few months she was fed good food and fussed over by many people where she bloomed into a healthy little girl. As it happens, one day a beautiful long hair black boy cat showed up and I guess you can figure out what happened next, she got pregnant. Meanwhile everybody was scrambling to find a permanent home for her before she had her babies. Where I work is a place that produces vitamins and management cannot allow animals around the premissises and to make things worse some where not animal lovers at all, we had to find a home for Felicia and her kittens soon before something bad happened to her. Finally I was able to reach my Vet who is not only a fantastic veterinarian but a very compassionate human being and she agreed to take Felicia with her yet unborn kittens and take care of them until they could all be adopted out. As of today 12/24/17 she has not given birth but I am told that she is due any hour or day soon. There are a few at work like me that adore and miss her dearly but we know she cannot be in better hands. Felicia is a special Feline because no matter how much of a hardship she has gone through she always walks with her curled tail high and ready for a scrtach under her chin or belly. Her purrs and meows come from love. I hope to add to this post as her motherhood progresses.

World Travler

PS-VJJS-151122-001A Norwegian motor trawler anchored and calling Hollywood, Florida it’s temporary home although it has been here almost a year now. Each time I pass it I want to shoot it a different angle and light but chose this one as ominous clouds and a rainy day seem fitting for a world traveler. Processed in Lightroom and On1 B&W for black and white conversion. 

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Good Boy Randy

PS-VJJS-150718-001This is an iphone image my wife took of a sweet old boy racoon that has been living between our house and our neighbors for many years. He seems to be by himself and has survived many hurricanes and floodings. Lately he has been stopping by more often for a little breakfast or lunch. He never seems in a hurry and is not skiddish, when approached he looks at you to say hello, finishes eating and then casually jumps down and goes into the thick undergrowth of our Fishtail palm. Since he is a regular visitor now my wife has named him Randy. Welcome to the family Randy.

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My Snow Lions

PS-Snow Lions-Edit

Yes, My Snow Lions again. I never tire of them and I hope you enjoy them also. No matter what images I capture I have yet to find anyone or thing that is more satisfying to me than capturing them. I used the Lightroom print module to compose this and printed to file for upload.

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Out of the Dark


I have been working on different techniques for capturing flowers outdoors in daylight but without the distracting background. This Orchid was shot hanging from a tree and in deep shade. It may look like it was shot with flash but what I did was underexpose by 2 stops then brought out the highlights in Lightroom. I will be trying three methods in the future. Blending multiple exposures, Underexposing, and flash to see which one give the most pleasing results. With that said you may be seeing more Orchids and flowers in the future. This beautiful Orchid is not something that comes from nothing but a creation from divine mind as so are we.

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Natures Magic


No interesting story here but I am very happy with this photo, just one more proof of the beauty of nature and I was able to capture it.

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My Maste Zenji Rinpoche


I was in bed with food poisoning and my little snow lion here put his paw around my neck and rubbed his cheek against mine while purring. If you have a Snow Lion then you know how I felt afterward. In less than a minute my shaking came to a halt, my temperature seemed to drop, and I was able to sleep.

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At Play on a Sunny Day


What a delightful site this was to watch. This little turtle was watching what looked like the other turtles and fish playing. A few minuets after watching this scene the little guy jumped in and joined the fun. We humans are not the only species to enjoy a beautiful day and to have fun with our friends.

Fakahatchee Strand


This photo was taken I’m the middle of a Cypress marsh which is in the Big Cypress Fakahatchee National Preserve. To get there you travel a dirt road for six miles then walk from there. In my whole life I have never been to a more quite place, it is almost totally silent except for the occasional crackle of decaying vegetation and the distant cry of an unidentified resident of the marsh. There was not another human being for miles and it was spooky at first then the peace followed. It was very comforting to know there are still places on Mother Earth that are being protected and left untouched. I will return.

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My Dream Home


Without any lofty expectations this is my dream home. It has everything I dream of. The front porch is private but yet looks out on to a lake which is actually part of the intercoastal waterway. It also looks out on to the dock which is covered with a gazebo and has comfortable couches and chairs to relax and take in the stars and lights at night. The upstairs has a patio with retractable awning with yet another awesome view. Without a long and lengthy room by room, one of the best parts of the house is that there is a small courtyard in the back with a stone path that leads to an artists studio. Oh what possibilities. And so shall we see!

Princess Deepkia KiQi


This is my Princess looking a little disheveled but a Princess non the less. She is 6-1/2 pounds of energy and joy but a definite diva in all ways. See seems to go into some sort of trance at times as if communicating with the beyond. She does this when you hold her up to your chest as if she was some kind of medium. This of course dissipates any tension you may have. In turn she demands a full brushing while sitting in her directors chair followed with her eyes softly cleaned (at least twice a day). No problem, she is a joy to serve.

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Master Oliver


One of the things I enjoy doing is just sitting and watching my cats, we could learn a lot from them. This is Oliver surveying his domain, which is the backyard and patio. See the concentration in his eyes? He is watching the birds and squirrels on the patio through the French doors. Oliver never chases or hurts the birds and squirrels but always keeps an eye on them. Oliver lets other cats on his property with his permission but if there is one that he does not want there he will let them know with out a doubt that they need to leave. He is 17 pounds of sweetness but the other felines know not to mess with him.

Master Zenji


Once again an image of my favorite subject, my little loves. Zenji isn’t liking his picture taken but he is as sweet as can be, always, although he is my little Dennis the Menace at times. To answer your question, yes his eyes are this blue. Depending on the time of day and lighting it does change some but his eyes are always a beautiful blue.

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Waterfront Watchmen


This kind gentleman from Trinidad, is the twenty four hours a day watchmen for this waterfront property. At one time this was the Watson Island fishing docks in the Port of Miami. He looks like a toughie but he  is very soft spoken and friendly. I was trying to get some photos by trying to shoot through a chain link fence that closes off the property when he invited me in too make may photos. We talked for awhile and he told me that the trailer on the prosperity was given to him by the owners and is his home. He also gets a small salary for food, etc. you can,t see it but the trailer is under a huge ficus tree and he has a recliner and couch under the shade of the tree also. If he is not walking the property, you can find him sitting in his recliner with his Labrador which he calls his best friend. You or I may not be able to do this day after day and night but he seems very happy and content and the view at night with a gentle breeze off the ocean must be a pure delight.

Princess Jasmine


I better show granddaughter (Princess) number one or the universe of royalty will frown on me. Actually she does look like she comes from the British Royal family.

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Princess Kayla


The beauty and innocence of a child. Even better if she is a granddaughter (not directly mine) but my Maggie’s which makes me equally happy and blessed. You just want to hug and hug em.

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Baitshack LuLu’s


Photographically speaking this is not very good but the alligator makes it. Can you spot the alligator getting sauced with the others. When you drink here you do not know if its the booze or the interior that makes you dizzy.

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Naked Forest


My imagination sees little eyes peering out from the darkness. Who is lurking in there to befriend me or cast a spell on me. A walk into the unknown is the only way to find out.

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Splash of color



I could not say it better myself as Laura Ockel Commented on Google + ” Some gardens are perfectly manicured, and each flower stays in its own little space.  Other gardens, like this one, seem more wild and free, creating a perfect combination of colors and forms that dance in the breeze all fresh and new.”

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The Golden Jewel


Taken at Fairchild Tropical Gardens. The sun shinning from behind makes this beautiful flower glow and at the same time causes the water to look black. There is always light in the seeming darkness.

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