City & Streetscapes

Skyline Sunrise


This photograph is of the Miami skyline. It was shot from the Rickenbacker causeway about five minuets after sunrise. If you look closely you can see an early morning shower over the city and moving towards me. The start of a fresh new day.

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Van Dyke Cafe



I absolutely love the expressions on these waiters faces. This was shot on a warm Sunday morning on South Beach and I would guess these guys and gals had a rough Saturday night. The guy in the center is looking directly into the lens which kind of unsettled me.

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A very classic style sailboat moored in Southern Biscayne bay with Key Biscayne in the background. I took this shot over fifteen years ago from the Barnacle historical site in Coconut Grove. This was taken with an old Olympus point and shoot but after a little artistic processing I was delighted with the result.

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Colony Historic Hotel

PS-Places__0168-02This is the historic Colony Hotel in downtown Delray Beach. At night the street is filled with nightclub people but now it was totally quiet as it was just before sunrise. A few minutes later the lights went off and the sun shined which of course would have changed the whole mood of the image.

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Best Little Camera Shop


This little 35 year old camera shop is in the Pineapple Grove section of Delray Beach. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask. Every time I go a discussion on photography ensues and if I am not careful an afternoon could pass.

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Rosemary Steps


Each person sees an image differently. I think that is what makes a painting or photograph art. What does it say to you. To me the color and the contrast makes this photo very pleasing to my senses.

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