Land & Seascapes

World Travler

PS-VJJS-151122-001A Norwegian motor trawler anchored and calling Hollywood, Florida it’s temporary home although it has been here almost a year now. Each time I pass it I want to shoot it a different angle and light but chose this one as ominous clouds and a rainy day seem fitting for a world traveler. Processed in Lightroom and On1 B&W for black and white conversion. 

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Naked Forest


My imagination sees little eyes peering out from the darkness. Who is lurking in there to befriend me or cast a spell on me. A walk into the unknown is the only way to find out.

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The Golden Jewel


Taken at Fairchild Tropical Gardens. The sun shinning from behind makes this beautiful flower glow and at the same time causes the water to look black. There is always light in the seeming darkness.

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Off Days Gone By


.This image reminds me of when I was a kid going to Hollywood Beach. There were many days when you had the beach to yourself and everything seemed so spacious. Another thing  I like about this image is the contrast of the clouds floating over the calm and peaceful ocean.

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Tug Cody C



This is the hard working tug “Cody C”. Tug boats are cool as each one has it’s own personality with a story to tell. They not only tow barges but have saved many lives over the course of history. I would love to refit a tug like this and make it my live aboard home as many other sea loving people have done.

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Sunrise Sentry

PS-HDR__0003A WWII watch tower on Dania Beach taken at sunrise, five exposures. The tower was constructed in 1942 as a lookout for Germans coming ashore on rafts that were dropped off from U-boats. What is interesting is that the tower was demolished after seventy years and a two weeks after I made this image. Talk about serendipity.

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Hillsboro Lighthouse


This was taken about 10 AM with the sun not quite overhead. By making a high dynamic range image I was able to capture detail. If this was just one exposure it would have been totally washed out and flat. Notice the people at the top? Makes you wonder what the are talking about.

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