Mysterious Felines

My Snow Lions

PS-Snow Lions-Edit

Yes, My Snow Lions again. I never tire of them and I hope you enjoy them also. No matter what images I capture I have yet to find anyone or thing that is more satisfying to me than capturing them. I used the Lightroom print module to compose this and printed to file for upload.

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My Maste Zenji Rinpoche


I was in bed with food poisoning and my little snow lion here put his paw around my neck and rubbed his cheek against mine while purring. If you have a Snow Lion then you know how I felt afterward. In less than a minute my shaking came to a halt, my temperature seemed to drop, and I was able to sleep.

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Princess Deepkia KiQi


This is my Princess looking a little disheveled but a Princess non the less. She is 6-1/2 pounds of energy and joy but a definite diva in all ways. See seems to go into some sort of trance at times as if communicating with the beyond. She does this when you hold her up to your chest as if she was some kind of medium. This of course dissipates any tension you may have. In turn she demands a full brushing while sitting in her directors chair followed with her eyes softly cleaned (at least twice a day). No problem, she is a joy to serve.

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Master Oliver


One of the things I enjoy doing is just sitting and watching my cats, we could learn a lot from them. This is Oliver surveying his domain, which is the backyard and patio. See the concentration in his eyes? He is watching the birds and squirrels on the patio through the French doors. Oliver never chases or hurts the birds and squirrels but always keeps an eye on them. Oliver lets other cats on his property with his permission but if there is one that he does not want there he will let them know with out a doubt that they need to leave. He is 17 pounds of sweetness but the other felines know not to mess with him.

Master Zenji


Once again an image of my favorite subject, my little loves. Zenji isn’t liking his picture taken but he is as sweet as can be, always, although he is my little Dennis the Menace at times. To answer your question, yes his eyes are this blue. Depending on the time of day and lighting it does change some but his eyes are always a beautiful blue.

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Kiqi is a female Birman. Her full name is Deepika Kiqi which means little light in Sanskrit and Ki Qi is Japanese and Chinese meaning life force or life center. She was born on October 16, 2006. She is a SEAL LYNX POINT Birman and has seal brown markings on a pale brown agouti background, her body is clear pale beige with a slight golden hue and her eyes are as blue as blue can be. Kiqi is a sweet very composed and Princess like little lady although she can run, hunt, and chase with the best of them. Her breeder said that even though Kiqi was the smallest of the litter she would always help her mother with the others and would eat last after the other kittens were finished.

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Zenji Is a male Birman. His full name is Exquisite Zenji. Exquisite means just that and the name Zenji comes from one of the most revered Zen masters in history. Zenji literally means Great Master. He was born February 3rd 2007 and is about three and a half months younger than Kiqi. Zenji is a BLUE LYNX POINT with blue markings on a light beige agouti background, his body is a bluish white and his eyes are also blue as blue can be. Zenji is the playful, cunning hunter. There is no place he cannot get to when he wants to get there. Although Kiqi is just a few months older than Zenji she plays the mature big sister while he runs about jumping on her. Of course she will turn and chase him around the house and then he chaises her until they both get hungry and then have a little cat nap. Although at times it may seem he is the boss, when she calls, he comes running.

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Oliver is a very big male American domestic short hair with the most beautiful golden coat. When he sleeps on the bed there is no room for anyone else. He is an indoor/outdoor boy who came visiting one day from our neighbors and decided  that he wanted to be part of our family. After returning him time after time, our neighbors and us agreed that he seemed to be happier with us. He may look tough but he is the sweetest cat your would ever meet.

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