Waterfront Watchmen


This kind gentleman from Trinidad, is the twenty four hours a day watchmen for this waterfront property. At one time this was the Watson Island fishing docks in the Port of Miami. He looks like a toughie but he  is very soft spoken and friendly. I was trying to get some photos by trying to shoot through a chain link fence that closes off the property when he invited me in too make may photos. We talked for awhile and he told me that the trailer on the prosperity was given to him by the owners and is his home. He also gets a small salary for food, etc. you can,t see it but the trailer is under a huge ficus tree and he has a recliner and couch under the shade of the tree also. If he is not walking the property, you can find him sitting in his recliner with his Labrador which he calls his best friend. You or I may not be able to do this day after day and night but he seems very happy and content and the view at night with a gentle breeze off the ocean must be a pure delight.