Out of the Dark


I have been working on different techniques for capturing flowers outdoors in daylight but without the distracting background. This Orchid was shot hanging from a tree and in deep shade. It may look like it was shot with flash but what I did was underexpose by 2 stops then brought out the highlights in Lightroom. I will be trying three methods in the future. Blending multiple exposures, Underexposing, and flash to see which one give the most pleasing results. With that said you may be seeing more Orchids and flowers in the future. This beautiful Orchid is not something that comes from nothing but a creation from divine mind as so are we.

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Natures Magic


No interesting story here but I am very happy with this photo, just one more proof of the beauty of nature and I was able to capture it.

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Splash of color



I could not say it better myself as Laura Ockel Commented on Google + ” Some gardens are perfectly manicured, and each flower stays in its own little space.  Other gardens, like this one, seem more wild and free, creating a perfect combination of colors and forms that dance in the breeze all fresh and new.”

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The Golden Jewel


Taken at Fairchild Tropical Gardens. The sun shinning from behind makes this beautiful flower glow and at the same time causes the water to look black. There is always light in the seeming darkness.

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Crested Floating Heart


To capture natures beauty in a photgraph and create a painting with color and texture is very satisfying for me. Since I was a kid I have always wanted to express the beautiful things I see but was never any good with a paint brush and canvas (never had steady hands, also left handed). With the digital age I can now try to capture what I see and hopefully make a work of art that enhances that beauty. These water lilies were taken on the Loxahatchee river which winds through part of South Florida.

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