This is Felicia, a remarkable little girl that was abandoned in the parking lot of where I work. She showed up in early September 2017 all scraped up and looking rather thin and ratty. It did not take long before me and a lot of other people at work started feeding her and someone actually put medications on her scrapes. Not long after, hurricane Irma hit rather quickly and there was no time for a plan to protect Felicia as no one could take her at that time. Luckily the area where I work has plenty of cover and by by the grace of God when we got back six days later she was fine but hungry. For the next few months she was fed good food and fussed over by many people where she bloomed into a healthy little girl. As it happens, one day a beautiful long hair black boy cat showed up and I guess you can figure out what happened next, she got pregnant. Meanwhile everybody was scrambling to find a permanent home for her before she had her babies. Where I work is a place that produces vitamins and management cannot allow animals around the premissises and to make things worse some where not animal lovers at all, we had to find a home for Felicia and her kittens soon before something bad happened to her. Finally I was able to reach my Vet who is not only a fantastic veterinarian but a very compassionate human being and she agreed to take Felicia with her yet unborn kittens and take care of them until they could all be adopted out. As of today 12/24/17 she has not given birth but I am told that she is due any hour or day soon. There are a few at work like me that adore and miss her dearly but we know she cannot be in better hands. Felicia is a special Feline because no matter how much of a hardship she has gone through she always walks with her curled tail high and ready for a scrtach under her chin or belly. Her purrs and meows come from love. I hope to add to this post as her motherhood progresses.