Zenji Is a male Birman. His full name is Exquisite Zenji. Exquisite means just that and the name Zenji comes from one of the most revered Zen masters in history. Zenji literally means Great Master. He was born February 3rd 2007 and is about three and a half months younger than Kiqi. Zenji is a BLUE LYNX POINT with blue markings on a light beige agouti background, his body is a bluish white and his eyes are also blue as blue can be. Zenji is the playful, cunning hunter. There is no place he cannot get to when he wants to get there. Although Kiqi is just a few months older than Zenji she plays the mature big sister while he runs about jumping on her. Of course she will turn and chase him around the house and then he chaises her until they both get hungry and then have a little cat nap. Although at times it may seem he is the boss, when she calls, he comes running.